I have a broad based practice primarily involving contractual disputes and disputes over the ownership and management of businesses, defamation cases and professional negligence claims. Solicitors have told the legal profession directories that I have “great legal knowledge and an uncanny ability to identify problems at an early stage”; that I am “incisive and fearless” and “simply excellent with clients” as well as “quick to get to grips with the papers”.
In straightforward language, I will be able to give you swift, clear advice about the merits of the case you might like to bring. I will be able to identify where your best chances lie and where you may be vulnerable. I will be able to advise you as to the best tactical approach to achieve your goal. I will be able to assist you with correspondence and formal court documents and with any negotiations that you wish to enter into. And if the matter proceeds to trial (as very few do) I will be able to represent you with the trial experience of 30 years behind me.
Examples of the types of cases I deal with are:
Disputes over contracts for the sales of businesses, including claims that representations or warranties have been breached.
Disputes over ownership of businesses, including where a share is claimed on the basis of unfulfilled (or unspoken) promises.
Disputes between partners over the management of businesses, including where there are allegations of breach of fiduciary duty.
Disputes relating to non-solicitation or non-competition clauses in contracts.
Claims that senior employees or directors are alleged to have breached their duties by diverting business opportunities for their own benefit (or the benefit of others).
Claims by shareholders that the basis of their membership of a company has been breached or that they are being unfairly prejudiced by the manner in which the company is being managed.
Claims alleging libel on the part of individuals or businesses against national or local media or competing businesses.
Claims concerning the failure of professional advisers to properly protect the interests of their clients.

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