As Queen's Counsel I am at the most senior level of the profession.

I offer specialist advice and representation in matters relating to land and property law (including ownership issues, rights of way, restrictive and other covenants, estoppel, trusts, and inheritance disputes), planning, contract and commercial issues, professional negligence claims, and judicial review. My experience of a wide range of connected areas often proves valuable.

I am experienced in dealing with most types of problem, whether involving individuals, companies, councils, government departments or others, and of appearing before most courts and tribunals, including the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, the High Court and the County Court.

As well as providing representation where necessary, I advise on matters that are not currently the subject of litigation - advising as to the legal position, for example in relation to contractual provisions, land use restrictions, proposed development, or as to any proposed course of action.

At any stage at which I am involved, I advise clearly and realistically as to the legal position, what the chances of success in any situation are, and how the position may be able to be improved to give the best prospects.

I generally charge a fixed fee for work. This tends to be based on the complexity of the piece of work, how many hours I will need to spend on it, and its value to the client. As a very rough guide, work quoted for on direct access basis (ie without the client also engaging a solicitor) is generally based on an hourly rate of around £500 + vat. A firm fixed price or other quotation will be given prior to work commencing in any particular case, however, and the client's approval obtained before anything is done.

I have Chambers in both Leicester (2, New Street) and London (Cornerstone Barristers) and am happy to undertake work anywhere in England and Wales.

I will respond to enquiries as soon as possible, and aim to do so within 48 hours.

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