Prudence was a solicitor from 1985-1999 with a wide ranging practice and experience in many fields including civil, commercial, medical negligence and crime together with all aspects of family work. She became the senior partner of a highly successful Solicitors Practice in Greater Manchester before being called to the Bar in 2000 when she qualified as a Barrister specialising in Families and Children, a total of 30 years' experience.

Experience and Expertise:

Prudence has vast experience and knowledge in very difficult private law cases as well as child protection and safeguarding in all levels of court. She is extremely clear sighted and will give you the benefit of expert, honest, straightforward and friendly advice, inspiring you with confidence and re-assurance. Conferences are recommended before you attend court, especially before the final hearing.

Should you so wish, Prudence will assist you with drafting formal court documents.

When before the court, Prudence is robust, succinct, tenacious, challenging, assertive and thorough. She dedicates her broad expertise and experience to ensuring excellent representation for her clients.

Prudence's practice and career to date have been driven by her passionate commitment to justice, equality and human rights both inside and outside of the court room. 

Prudence has developed particular expertise in family law, especially so in Children Act cases, including cases involving domestic violence, substance abuse, particularly those that impact upon the rights of the child. As well as acting or parents, she has frequently acted for children and xtended members of the family, including grandparents.

A highly experienced and dedicated child and family law practitioner, Prudence acts in factually and legally very complex cases for all parties in public law and private law proceedings, in cases involving local authorities adoption proceedings, securing Child Arrangement Orders, and orders involving removal from the jurisdiction.

Other areas of specialism include:

Child Abduction, Forced Marriages and all issues relating to disputes in same sex couples and surrogacy. Many cases undertaken by Prudence have involved sensitive issues of race, culture and religion.

Prudence is also qualified to undertake and has been appointed to chair Domestic Homicide Reviews and is available to Authorities and other bodies to accept similar Chairmanships. Prudence is also a member of the Practitioner and Stakeholder Group of the Independent Advisory Panel on Deaths in Custody.

Notable Cases

Prudence has conducted a number of important High Court cases involving serious and multiple fractures, sexual abuse of and by minors, death of an infant, attempted murder of a child, serious and life threatening factitious illness cases, and serious neglect and failure to protect children.

Amongst others:

P v P [2003] ALL ER (D) 325

Re X [2012] ALL ER (D) 90

LA v X & others [2011] EWHC 3401 (Fam)

Lancashire County Council v C, M & F (Children - Fact-finding)

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