I practise intellectual property (patents, copyrights, trade marks, registered designs, unregistered design rights, trade secrets and passing off), information technology (computer contracts, data protection including GDPR, domain name disputes computer supply disputes) and related areas of law.

I advise in writing, in meetings over the telephone or Skype on difficult points of law. Typical questions I am asked by members of the public who approach me directly include: "What is the best IP protection for my brand, design, technology or creative work?" "Does this patent prevent me or my competitor from doing a specified business activity?" "Does this sign infringe that trade mark?" "Could I get an interim injunction to stop this activity?" or "I have just received this bundle of documents requiring me to attend court, what should I do about it?"

I draft and review complex legal instruments for use in business transactions as well as litigation. Instruments for business transactions include computer supply contracts, hardware and software maintenance agreements, source code escrow instruments, privacy statements, website access terms, licences and franchise agreements. Documents for use in litigation include particulars of claim, defences, replies, application notices and draft orders, witness statements and affidavits, notices of appeal and respondents' notices.

I represent parties in the Chancery Division (including the Patents Court and Intellectual Property Enterprise Court), Technology and Construction Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. I also appear before hearing officers and appointed persons in the Intellectual Property Office, the Copyright and other tribunals. I negotiate on behalf of parties in direct negotiations and mediation. I draft complaints and responses in domain name disputes and requests for opinions from IPO examiners on the validity or infringement of patents.

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