Amanda is a qualified barrister and an accredited mediator, who has over 20 years legal experience; in excess of 18 years of experience in civil and commercial litigation and over 20 years experience in employment law. 

Amanda has completed training in civil and commercial mediation and workplace mediation. She is a good listener, attentive, fair, objective and open, she can introduce calm in volatile situations.

Amanda has vast experience representing parties at mediation and that has taught her - when acting as Mediator - to aim for facilitating a resolution which both parties are content with, dedicating the time, effort and attention needed to achieve that, without forcing parties into agreements that they may later become discontent with.
 Amanda is a regular contributor at Yorkshire Bylines, but has also had a number of articles published in the New Law Journal (co-authored with David Wolchover).  In her spare time, she is an artist and writer. Education: Amanda holds a law degree, Master's, degree level Latin, and several (non-law related) diplomas. Amanda has completed over 50 courses in the past 20 years. 

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