I accept direct access work in my specialist areas.
I was called to the Bar in 2000, after completing a law degree, a Master's in European Legal Studies and degree level Latin, and two years voluntary legal advisory work.  
I am an experienced commercial lawyer, having worked for SMEs, companies, local authorities, media personalities and individuals. I have over 20 years experience in the employment tribunal and over 18 years of experience in civil and commercial litigation, in the courts of England and Wales. 
I am approachable, but I do set boundaries to assist clients. I am a good listener and used to working with people in vulnerable situations. I am direct with my advice; I am aim to be clear and empower clients with the tools - including the legal advice and practical considerations - that they need to make their own decisions on their cases. 

I typically respond within the day (except on bank holidays) to enquiries, though it is quicker if directed towards my clerks. My turnaround time on paperwork is an average of 7 days. 
I work throughout the UK.  Education: both universities in Leeds, and BPP Law School.  
Languages: English, French (part of Master's), Latin (degree level), German (A level), Dutch (part of Master's), Egyptian Arabic, Japanese, Italian (summer courses).  
 Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.  

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