Olamide is a compassionate family law advocate and has experience representing parents who are vulnerable due to learning disabilities or their mental health.  Clients have often commented on the fact that Olamide has been able to give them a voice where they have felt powerless. 
 Olamide regularly conducts cases where there are disputes about where children should live and how much time they should spend with a non-resident parent. Her work also includes dealing with prohibited steps orders in relation to regulating the behaviour of a parent and specific issue orders which covers a range of matters from where a child should go to school to religious practice and medical treatment. Olamide provides representation in cases involving allegations of domestic abuse, physical, sexual and emotional abuse, and where there is a need to appoint a r16.4 Guardian.  In a recent case, Olamide successfully sought  a barring order preventing a party from making any further applications in respect of contact until the child attains the age of 16 pursuant to section 91(14) of the Children’s Act 1989.

Domestic Violence and Injunctions:

Olamide represents clients in Family Law Act 1996 proceedings, including matters involving allegations of serious domestic abuse. She has experience of seeking or responding to applications for non-molestation orders and occupation orders through to fact-finding hearings and fully contested final hearings.  
 Olamide will respond to initial enquiries in to the services that she provides within 7 working days. 

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