Damian Warburton LLB LLM MSc
Call to the Bar 2010

Instructions accepted to defend in criminal cases at any level.
Damian’s experience in the Crown Courts include cases of serious violence, drug cultivation and supply both on an individual level and in organised crime; robbery, theft, fraud, and burglary; weapons offences; public order and harassment offences; indecent images, and sexual offences.
In the Magistrates’ Courts he regularly defends in road traffic matters such as drink and drug drive, fail to provide, speeding, and insurance related allegations; and regularly presents exceptional hardship and special reasons applications. 

Before practising at the Bar, Damian was a university lecturer, teaching law, and before that, a police officer. He accepts instructions to represent those accused of breaches of professional discipline, and brings his experience of the worlds of education and policing to better understand the environments in which those allegations have arisen. 

Representation at court, and, where required, the drafting of documents is offered.

Advice on, and the drafting of appeals is likewise offered.

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