I am a Public Access Barrister which means you are able to seek my service without the involvement of a solicitor. In the past clients could not obtain the service of a barrister without the involvement of a solicitor. But now the law has changed and any client is able to seek the service of a barrister without the intervention of a solicitor. If you have any legal problem I am able to provide you  legal advice and represent you in court  and  prepare any legal documents directly without the involvement of a solicitor.
At present you do not need to pay high cost of  solicitor's fees  to seek my service and by instructing me to work for you, you will not need to pay any solicitor's bills.

I have practised  a lawyer for over 30 years and I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the legal profession. My main area of work is crime,  motor traffic, immigration, family, divorce, children cases housing and personal injury cases and accident claims.    
I am also a mediator and I am registered with the Civil Mediation Council as a mediator. I am also an arbitrator registered at the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.
I am an active listener and I will first  listen to you patiently to gain a complete understanding of your case. Always I will NOT charge you any fees for your first meeting with you. I use the first meeting to understand your case and apply the law relevant to your legal problem. After understanding your case I will discuss what I kind of service I will be able to provide you to resolve your legal problem. My fees for my service is very fair and reasonable. I will be happy to negotiate my fees for your work and if you agree I will carry out the work needed for your case. Once you and I agree my fees you will only pay what you have agreed to pay. If you do not agree a fee you will not pay me any fees. Like solicitors I will not be sending you bills of costs to charge you any fee you have not agreed upon.            

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