Abdul Hadi has been practising law  for well over 30 years in London. He  now practises  as a Public Access Barrister.  He is also a trained mediator registered with the Civil Mediation Council and he also acts as a  Mediator Advocate. He is also trained as an arbitrator  at the Chartered Institute of Arbitration. 
He gives his clients a first free advice and  accepts instructions directly  from clients on divorce, family, criminal,  motor traffic and accident, civil, employment, housing, regulatory matters.  He is regularly instructed by clients in complex matters and he appears  in courts and specialist tribunals. He charges only a very reasonable and affordable fees from his clients for his services. His fees are agreed between his clients and himself before any work is done for the client.     Abdul Hadi enjoys a diverse practice as a  Barrister and accepts instructions from clients as a Public Access Barrister which means he can act for clients directly without the involvement of solicitors. This helps his clients to save high costs of solicitors fees.

As a trained Mediator he also receives instructions from clients to mediate between parties who are facing  disputes over  civil to employment and public law matters. He also acts as a Mediation Advocate at mediation sessions. 
Abdul Hadi has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the legal profession  from his long period of practice in law. When clients  seek his services as a Public Access Barrister he is able to provide them a service from his combined experience in the legal profession as a solicitor and barrister. He practised as a solicitor before he was called to the Bar.
In terms of his handling of  instructions he receives from clients  Abdul Hadi is friendly and responsive. He responds to client's queries same day and  clients love his handling of their problems.  He is an active listener and he will pay total attention to his clients to understand the full facts of his client's case. This approach helps him to understand  the issues involved in his client's case completely to achieve the most possible outcome, within the law, for his client.

Abdul Hadi is friendly and his first free advice enables his clients to see the benefit of instructing him. This helps him to examine and advise  the clients to decide to instruct him.
  Why you should instruct Barrister  Abdul Hadi to act for you?

1 Abdul Hadi gives you the first advice  free and you do not need to pay any fees for it.  After the first advice you are free to decide to continue with him or seek any other Barrister's service.
  2 By instructing him clients will save very high costs of solicitors           fees. 
 3 His fees are fair and affordable and you will only what you agree to pay. If you do not agree any fee you will not to pay. Like solicitor's he will not send you bill of costs after the case is over.
  4 Clients can make appointments to meet him during weekends and evenings at their convenient time. He is willing to travel to see clients at any place  convenient to them subject to his availability.   

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