I am a specialist family law barrister with expertise in private family law matters (disputes between parents regarding their children) and financial claims made after separation, whether it be divorce/ dissolution or separating from your partner.

In private law matters I represent all parties at all stages of proceedings, including advising on potential applications before they are issued at court. I have represented parents making and responding to allegations of abuse, helped settle disputes about how often, and how, children should see either parent or where they should live, and assisted parents in applying for or resisting applications of injunctions such as non-molestation or occupation orders. I regularly represent parents in more complicated matters such as when one parent wishes to move away (within the UK or abroad), or where there is a concern that one parent is being alienated from their children by the other.

Where parties are considering divorce or separation or have already divorced/ separated, I can provide advice on how to settle their financial affairs (including division of assets, sale of property, pension shares etc.) either before the matter has reached court, or once an application to court has been made.  I can assist where there is a dispute over ownership of property (where parties are married or not, or where another 'third party' such as a parent) may have a claim to the property. I have experience with people who try to hide their assets from their former spouse, or who fail to pay maintenance that has been ordered (and an application to enforce has to be made).

I have a very calm and reassuring presence, and have particular experience representing women and men who have been victims of domestic abuse. I am a very confident barrister who will represent you robustly, with a thorough grasp of the law and detailed understanding of your case. I am committed to achieving the best possible outcome for clients, with an eye to managing costs and time scales. I am organised and efficient and will always reply promptly to emails from the outset.

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