As a Barrister, Chartered Arbitrator, CEDR Solve Mediator and Adjudicator (CIPAA) I offer nearly 40 years’ experience of international commerce, focused on resolving the inevitable disputes which arise in the ordinary course of doing foreign business.

I was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 1980. Following a few years in private practice I joined a marine insurer in the City of London specialising in charter party and cargo disputes resolved through arbitration. I then worked in aviation and international manufacturing where I enjoyed a progressive and highly successful international career in company/commercial work rising to become Company Secretary of a listed public company at a comparatively young age. Later, experience was gained in delivering the financing for and construction/operation of major overseas infrastructure projects and dealing with the disasters that can sometimes happen in difficult jurisdictions. My experience over the past 20 years is in advising developers and international construction and engineering companies on their overseas ventures in multiple countries.

Having recently returned to England and the English Bar after almost 30 years foreign service I now offer not only a commercial view of cross cultural international disputes but also a legal view of rights and entitlements under contracts governed by English Law. The majority of my client base and experience was earned in Southeast Asia and the Middle East in both common law and civil law jurisdictions. I offer sound experience of Australian and South American infrastructure projects as well as projects in Africa and India. My résumé, available on request, points to an accomplished and pragmatic commercial lawyer with a track record of both commercial and legal roles in successful international projects. I have productively avoided and/or resolved major engineering and construction, energy, franchise, shipping and intellectual property disputes in multiple industry sectors.

Having recently rejoined the Bar I am now able to offer the same service where English Law governs the project documents. My peers regard me as a lateral thinker who excels in solving business problems. I offer robust but practical approach to legal advice as well as a view on strategy to optimise results.

If you have an issue with international business, particularly with investments or customers in Southeast Asia or the Middle East, the Americas, Australasia and Europe please do get in touch for an exploratory conversation to see if I can help.

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