Farah is known to win cases against the odds. She has worked with some notable clients who have frequently featured in national newspaper and TV reports. Her clients trust her independent judgement and therefore the majority of her work comes from client referrals. On some occasions the losing parties have asked her to represent them in their future legal proceedings and have also referred her to their friends.

This is what Farah’s numerous clients say about their experience of working with her:

“Farah has the ability to resolve issues in a manner that appear not to alienate either parties and I find this a refreshing approach in relation to the practice of Law. She also has an edge which can show to the other side where necessary. I feel better knowing that I can consult Farah because I have not been able to find other solicitors and indeed counsel with this kind of approach”

“She is not phased, nor dissuaded by interim negative results, and pragmatically finds a way though, and moves on to create a positive result for the customer. Farah directly negotiated the reversal of an adverse property situation in 2016 at the county courts between myself and Skipton Building Society, actually putting both parties back on a firm and mutually respected footing. Farah is a very good communicator, is sympathetic to clients’ stressful challenges, but does not allow them to affect her performance or strategy”
“efficient, reliable, courteous and pleasure to work with”

“Farah’s attention to detail leaves no stone unturned and I couldn’t be more appreciative of her efforts to ensure we drafted a good claim.”
“I have dealt with a number of lawyers but I have found Farah Stehrenberger very professional in her approach to different cases with an excellent knowledge of law and procedure and feel confident only in her advice in dealing with my legal matters”

“Fantastic service”

“Very good, prompt service”

“Brilliant start to finish”

“In my 18 years of working in the property industry I have dealt with and evicted many tenants. In early 2016, I had two particular tenants who were being difficult to evict and who were also in rent arrears. We needed a positive and speedy outcome with this case and I was immediately in touch with Farah to help with this. I instructed Farah, she handled the case from start to finish, she represented the landlord in Canterbury County Court, I attended the court on behalf of the landlord and had an opportunity to observe her in and out of the court.
The tenants were represented by a CAB advisor who, prior to the hearing, advised us to withdraw the case because of a technical issue. I was absolutely stunned by this but Farah took control and handled it perfectly for us. She advised the CAB advisor that she would proceed to seek a 14 days possession order. Before the Judge, the CAB advisor argued her case and Farah did hers. She clearly pointed out the law with regards to the technicality, which the Judge agreed with and the Judge gave us the 14 days possession order with costs and money judgment.
I was absolutely delighted with this as I had seen it as testament to Farah’s tenacity and feel that my experience with other solicitors may not have given us the same outcome had I not instructed her. It has been a breath of fresh air dealing with her as she always guides me with the potential options and explains possible outcomes clearly and concisely.”
“Thanks very much, excellent job.”

“Brilliant work from Farah – a complex case and she is doing an excellent job”

“Throughout the process I found her to be both professional and calm and to possess the determination required to see the process through to a favourable conclusion”

“Excellent, good clear instructions and pleasure to work with”

“Farah assisted my client to prepare her Defence and assisted her all the way through the case and represented my client in court. The time Farah spent going through the details of what rent was paid, when it was not and the actual sum owed based on the crude client notes will have been time-consuming. I attended the hearing with my client and I was able to observe Farah before a Judge. Farah was educated, knowledgeable and firm in light of an ever-growing frustrated tenant. Despite many efforts by the tenants, who were advised by a solicitor and their local council that they had a good case, my client was successful in her Defence, the tenants’ case was thrown out and the Judge ordered possession within 14 days.
The tenants subsequently left the property after 14 days which was a great relief to my client and enhanced my reputation with her, having been able to connect her with someone with Farah’s expertise. I work with a number of solicitors firms throughout Sussex of varying sizes, and different parts of their business whose services my clients require and I would have no hesitation in requesting Farah’s assistance again in similar circumstances”

“Efficient, professional and highly recommended”

“Farah is fantastic, unflappable, very flexible and can go straight to the point, [I] have no hesitation in using her again”

“Very prompt and professional”

“I think Farah has a real talent for bringing mediated responses to difficult legal situations. She is able to be supportive (to the client) but also has the ability to show her depth of understanding and quick reactions in dealing with legal issues”

“Great communication”

“Excellent work”

“Brilliant job, could not fault”

“I was immediately impressed by Farah’s professional approach as soon as she took our case. I am satisfied with the outcome of the case and the way Farah dealt with it”

“Great service, really helpful with great input and suggestions, really pleased with the work”

“Really pleased with the work, will use again, quick and helpful with great input”

“Farah understood my situation, both by e-mail and phone. More than happy with how she handled this situation and with the correspondence sent on my behalf. A really nice understanding lady”

“Thank you very much for your help looking over my lease and then drafting a letter of amendments, you are extremely professional and very helpful and kind”

“Farah understood what we want and delivered [the] exact thing, well recommended”

“Very efficient and hard working. I am sure we will work with Farah again very soon”

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