Initial discussion directly with myself to ascertain the nature of the dispute you are wishing to be resolved, £150 paid through PayPal, for a 15-30 minute conversation on WhatsApp, FaceTime or Zoom or other platform. Please email me on to make arrangements for this initial conversation.

Following the discussion, I may advise you on next steps, to be able to set up with your counter-party a meeting on Zoom or other platform, with your counter-party and myself. At this meeting or meetings, you will arrive at a negotiated settlement with my assistance.

As your Mediator, I'll facilitate the difficult conversation you will have with your counter-party, assisting each of you to obtain the best possible settlement..

I may ask you to complete a pro forma after you initially contact me by email on, before we have our initial discussion.

I approach every matter knowing it is of great importance to you, irrespective of what is as stake. Potential and actual disputes between Board members, potential or actual disputes between neighbours, potential or actual disputes in Partnerships, with suppliers, with employees, between Parents and a School, between a Customer or Client and a Professional or Retailer, potential or actual disputes between a colleague or a friend; these and any number of other matters I approach with an appreciation that whether it is about £3million pounds or £300, the importance to you as the wronged person in some way, is of critical importance to you.

I stress that it may be a potential or actual dispute, because I do encourage you to be in touch with me earlier rather than later when you are concerned that a dispute may arise, so that you can take steps to "sort it out" with your counter-party before matters get out of hand and litigation appears to be looming.

If you already litigating, then at any stage in the litigation, you may contact me for advice on applying to the Court or Tribunal, for a Stay of proceedings, and I can assist in your sorting the matter out through a Mediation.

No matter is too large, nor too small. Please do contact me.

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