I have been a barrister since 1986 and working directly with clients since 2006. I am also a mediator. Outside the Bar, I was planning director of a property development and construction group of companies. I remain involved with property development outside professional work.

Areas of expertise / Practice Areas 
I specialise in planning and land law including judicial review across the whole of England and Wales. I appear in court and before tribunals as well as in mediations. In addition to all aspects of land development, my work areas include boundary disputes, rights of way, trespass and nuisance, restrictive covenants and connected matters reviewing local authorities’ conduct. I appear at public inquiries and hearings on planning and enforcement appeals as well as development plan examinations; and act in both the criminal and civil courts in relation to planning and land law cases. I am instructed in development ranging from residential matters (from one-off to estate schemes) through to commercial/industrial sites (such as retail, office, leisure and hotel projects) as well as traveller cases. In disputes involving boundaries and rights of way, I travel throughout England and Wales to give advice and, when necessary, appear in court and mediations. My clients are individuals, groups, businesses and local authorities. I also have a niche practice in taxi licensing.

I have appeared in the House of Lords (now the Supreme Court), the High Court, County Courts, Lands Tribunal (now Upper Tribunal) and before HMLR adjudicators as well as in mediations involving my specialisms. I appear regularly at public inquiries and hearings on planning and enforcement appeals as well as EIPs and in both the criminal and civil courts.

My work with public/direct access clients has included helping them to issue proceedings in judicial review, High Court challenges including injunctions and appearing in the county court and Upper Tribunal on land disputes from the HM Land Registry.

My approach is to make a positive difference to ensure the best achievable outcome, working hands-on with any team. I work quickly and strive to add practical and commercial value to any dispute or project and am always willing to go the extra mile to achieve the right result. I am available by phone and email to suit the needs of my professional and lay clients.

I realise that when working directly with clients that there is often a need to communicate outside normal office hours as well as, sometimes, urgently. Therefore I strive to accommodate my clients' needs when communicating about a case. Due to professional commitments I might not respond immediately to any enquiry but will do so ASAP. The more information that I can be provided with at the beginning, the quicker I can assess whether I can help you. If there is any emergency then please make that clear.

Examples of cases I've done include:-
Allen v SoS & Stratford-on-Avon DC [2012] EWHC 671 (Admin) Reasons challenge including misapplication of PPG2 & development plan policies re siting of mobile home in green belt

Bravebyte Ltd (t/a London Equestrian Centre) v First Sec. Of State [2004] PLSCS 50 Development in green belt

Changeinvest Limited v Erika Meta Rosendale-Steinhusen [2004] EWHC 264 (Ch) Right of way & precedent conditions

Elcock & Elcock v Newham LBC (1996) 71 P.&C.R. 575 Blight notice

Euro Garages v SSCLG + Cheshire West & Chester Council [2018] EWHC 1753 (Admin) Petrol filling station & contextual meaning of impact on openness in green belt

Georgiou v SoS & Lambeth BC [2011] EWCA Civ 775 Reasons challenge & failure to deal with expert noise evidence

Hair v Gilman (2000) WL 510 (CA 17th February 2000) Temporary permission for parking converted into permanent easement under s.62 of the Law of Property Act 1925 when landlord conveyed to tenant

Hinde v Rugby BC & SSCLG [2011] EWHC 3684 Period for challenging development plan

Islam v SSCLG & Tower Hamlets LBC (HC 4thMay 2012) (not yet reported) Whether large umbrellas used as canopy within meaning of development & appealing enforcement notice refusal to grant permission where no challenge on legal grounds

London Borough of Tower Hamlets v Secretary of State for the Environment & London Galvanizers Ltd 31stJanuary 1989 (unreported) Validity of planning condition affecting use of highway

Majorpier Ltd v Secretary of State for the Environment & Southwark LBC (1990) 59 P.&C.R. 453 Failure to adjourn inquiry & natural justice

Melton v Uttlesford District Council; R. (on the application of Thomas Melton) v. Uttlesford District Council[2009] EWHC 2845 (Admin) Taxi licence challenges

Milton Keynes Council v Skyline Taxis & Private Hire Ltd + Gavin Sokhi [2017] EWHC 2794 (Admin) Cross-border taxi licensing

Newham London Borough Council v Secretary of State for the Environment & Daniel (1995) 70 P & CR 288 Effect of s.54A of TCPA 1990

Perlman v Rayden [2004] EWHC 2192 (Ch) (7thOctober 2004) Easements for repair & rights of way

R v Secretary of State for the Environment, ex p. Collins[1989] E.G.C.S. 15 Definition of curtilage

Re Poulton’s Application (1992) 65 P.&C.R. 319 Discharge of section 52 agreement

R v FranklinThe Times 16thJune 1994 Exclusion of interviews under s78 PACE & application of proviso

R v GuthrieThe Times 23rdFebruary 1994 Majority direction

R v St Albans DC ex p David Weston (on behalf of St Albans Taxi Drivers Association ‘98)19thJanuary 2000 (unreported) Judicial review of deregulation of hackney carriage licences

R (on the applications of Holding & Barnes plc & Premier Leisure UK Ltd ) v Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport & the Regions[2001] 2 W.L.R. 1389 Human rights challenge to lawfulness of call-in powers, aka the ‘Alconbury cases’

R (on the application of Martin McCleave) v Powys CC + Powell2018 [not reported yet] Duty under S.66 of Listed Building Act 1990& consideration of harm to heritage asset

R (on the application of Mr & Mrs Rungay) v SSCLG, Corderoy & Rochford DC [2014] EWHC 627 (Admin) High hedge challenge

Rochford District Council v Secretary of State for the Environment & Sargant17thFebruary 1989) (unreported) Effect of Green Belt policy on extensions to dwellings

Stanley v Rawlinson[2011] EWCA Civ 405 Experts’ duties in negligence claim relating to rebuilding wall that collapsed in high winds

Stratford Upon Avon District Council v Dyde [2009] EWHC 3011 (Admin) Over-charging taxi fare & excluding unfair evidence in criminal trial

Syed Shahid v Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government [2008] EWHC 2080 (Admin) Effect of future impact where long existing unlawful use

Tewkesbury BC v 1. Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government 2. Comparo Ltd 3. Welbeck Strategic Land LLP [2013] EXHC 286 (Admin) Meaning & effect of localism under the Localism Act 2011

Thurrock Borough Council v Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport & the Regions & Terry Holding [2003] EWHC 3138 Unlawful change of use of airfield & incidental aviation purpose to dwelling house

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