Mediation is a specialist skill and whilst many mediators are not qualified lawyers, the majority of disputes concern quite technical areas of the law. I believe this where mediators who are also specialist barristers can provide real added value for parties in any dispute. Parties can have confidence that the mediator has a real knowledge and passion for the kind of dispute that they are faced with, together with the fearless independence that comes with being a barrister.
I am an active mediator and am happy to mediate disputes in those areas in which I practice as a barrister, including:
- Contested probate and Inheritance Act claims;
- Trusts of Land and co-ownership disputes (including property claims arising out of cohabitation); 
- Landlord and Tenant disputes, both residential and commercial;
-  Property disputes including those relating to boundaries, rights of way and Party Wall Etc Act matters;
- Building disputes. 
 If you think I might be able to help, please feel free to contact me in chambers on the links provided, by email, or by contacting my clerks in chambers.

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