First introduced to the subject of ADR and trained as a mediator as long ago as 1995, Graham came to realise that litigation over points of "principle” is often the result of parties’ failure to make a dispassionate assessment not only of the legal merits of their dispute (or lack of them) but also their genuine interests, and of a reluctance to appreciate that the use of objectively justifiable criteria can assist negotiation.
Graham, who is also a practising barrister, acts as a general or commercial mediator. He appears on the Chancery Bar Association list of mediators. 

In his role as a mediator Graham has applied skills learnt as a barrister and tribunal judge and also from his previous mediations to help resolve disputes covering a wide range of subject areas, including landlord & tenant, building disputes, partnership, breach of contract (from equipment leasing to an introduction agency), rights of way, interests in land, boundary disputes, wills and family provision, and professional negligence.

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