Modupe is a civil barrister who practises in a wide variety of civil and commercial litigation, both representing clients at court and providing advice. Modupe has over 18 years of experience in the legal field and has practised in both civil and criminal law.

Modupe's experience means that she is very familiar with the law and procedure. Modupe is more than happy to assist at any stage of litigation, including both short applications and more lengthy trials.

Modupe will always ensure that she provides you with the best practical advice to ensure that the best outcome is achieved for you.

Modupe is regularly instructed in landlord and tenant disputes and is able to provide advice on potential or existing claims, and represent you in any hearings in the following areas:
- Possession claims (landlord and tenant)
- Mortgage possession claims
- Injunctions
- Disrepair Claims
- Rent Arrears
- Service Charge Disputes

Modupe has experience of working in a commercial banking environment and is able to assist in related matters.

Modupe has experience of working in a highly regulated financial services environment. She is able to offer advice from a business and HR perspective on how to comply with regulations issued by regulators.

Modupe is experienced in representing clients in a range of civil disputes involving:
- Defective goods
- Sale of goods
- Supply of services
- Breach of contract claims
- Agreements governed by the Consumer Credit Act 1974
- Parking charge disputes
- Airline compensation claims

If you already have a judgment, Modupe can advise you on how to enforce the judgment.

Alternatively, if you have a judgment against you, Modupe can consider whether you should pursue an appeal or advise on an application to set aside the judgment.

Modupe has experience of matters involving unfair dismissal and breach of contract.

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