Practice areas

• Criminal offences (e.g. violence, weapons, drugs, sexual offences, fraud, theft) and preventative orders (e.g. police bail conditions, SHPOs, restraining orders).
• Road traffic cases (e.g. drink driving, careless driving and speeding).
• Extradition hearings (this is where another country seeks your return to be prosecuted for an offence or to serve a sentence of imprisonment).
• Regulatory matters in the magistrates’ court (e.g. liability to pay council tax, licensing appeals).

How I can help you

• Explaining what the law/evidence means in your case.
• Writing legal documents, such as defence statements or representations.
• Representing you at hearings or trials in a magistrates’ court or the Crown Court.
• Representing you at appeals from the magistrates’ court or the Crown Court.

My approach

I work for people accused of committing criminal offences (defendants) and sought for extradition (requested persons) as well as public prosecution agencies, such as the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). My experience of both roles gives me valuable insight into 'the other side' and how it approaches matters.

I am approachable and down to earth. I explain things simply and always have time to answer questions. I take pride in robustly defending my client’s corner in court but also, where in his/her best interest, providing direct advice.

Before joining the bar, I worked in public policy in Latin America. I spent two years living in Washington DC and previously lived in Argentina and Chile. I speak fluent Spanish.

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