It is likely you are here because you are in need, possibly urgently, of the services of an expert.

Whether you need help with Children Law, Private Client Criminal Defence or Civil Litigation, Cathy can help you.

By instructing Cathy McCulloch under the Direct Public Access scheme, you gain direct access to a highly experienced and effective expert who can be your trusted advisor, guide, and advocate in court, using her specialist knowledge, skills and understanding of the Law.

"When Cathy looks at a case she sees things that others have missed"

Not only is Cathy McCulloch a Direct Access Barrister, but she is approved by the Bar Council to conduct litigation. She is one of very few practicing Barristers who can provide a complete service directly to the public within her areas of expertise in Criminal and Civil Law.
As well as advocating on your behalf (like any Barrister), she can litigate on your behalf (carry out the preparatory work normally carried out by a solicitor).

"The so very competent Miss McCulloch, with the natural ability to communicate easily with people from all walks of life"

Visit to see Cathy’s approach to providing justice, or  contact her so you can explore whether Cathy’s help is the best way forward for you in your circumstances, and discuss the range of ways in which your case can be funded.
Any enquiries will be responded to either by Cathy or her Clerk Vincent within one working day.



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