Barrister, Attorney, Mediator: BREXIT, Commercial & Family Law
Recent : Barrister in the Cabinet de Advocate General Sharpston, Court of Justice of the European Union Luxembourg

All of my cases involve International law which require me to effectively and efficiently manage legal and lay expert teams and establish viable working relationships them and also with my opponent(s). In the multi-layered Lapadula v Olsen case, I managed tri-jurisdictional leagal and expert teams, working simultaneously. The matter was originally filed (in various civil and criminal iterations) in Argentina, then Florida and eventually filed and heard in California. All of the documents were in Spanish and necessitated my coordinating the assistance of, inter alia, the Hague Convention Network of Judges, the US Embassy, the California District Attorney’s office and the FBI. The pleadings had to be drafted and redrafted for the various jurisdictions, bearing in mind that the United States Uniform Laws are implemented in individual US states much like an EU directive in Member States.

Broda v Abarca, 2011 WL 900983 (D.Colo.)(reported) turned on the issue of comity. The originating jurisdiction was Argentina, habitual residence was judicially determined to be in Mexico both at first instance and at appeal. In moving the child for a second time the mother was stopped at the border into Colorado and the child was taken into protective custody. The crux of the case was whether the US 10th Circuit could or should recognise the Mexican decrees at first instance and on appeal. The law was unclear and varies state by state: “The extent to which the United States, or any state, honors the judicial decrees of foreign nations is a matter of choice, governed by ‘the comity of nations.’ ” Wilson v. Marchington, 127 F. 3d 805, 808 (9th Cir.1997). I successfully argued the case in the US District Court 10th Circuit before a Federal bench.

Burns v Alianelli, 09DR274 (unreported). This Hague matter began in 2010 when my client’s two children were abducted from the United States to Argentina. The case proceeded through various courts in Buenos Aires up to the Supreme Court of Buenos Aires. This case involved the US Central Authority (OCI), the Argentine Central Authority (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship), the US citizen services in Argentina, and the International Hague Network of Judges. The Garfield District Court was concurrently involved. I additionally brought proceedings against the Defendant’s relatives living in the USA who had committed the tort of interference with the parent-child relationship (Burns v Ledru Civil Action No. 1:12-cv-02646-RBJ-KLM) and this was set down for a jury trial the 10th circuit before a Federal bench. In 2013 Congressman Scott Tipton, influenced by my Burns case, co-sponsored the Hague Convention House Resolution 3212. CNN and Fox television covered various stages of the case:

Diggle v Archontia. A very challenging matter involved drafting a 1000 page petition for the First Instance Court Of Athens MONOMELE PROTODIKEIA, Protocol Number 73,950. This involved various aspects of Greek civil procedure which was very difficult to locate as there was no online system, digest, translate and apply. The case was successfully argued at first instance and upheld on appeal.

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