Charlotte is a criminal barrister who is able to assist clients in all aspects of general crime, road traffic offences, environmental offences and prosecutions brought by Local Authorities. She offers the following services directly to members of the public, without the need to consult a solicitor first:

*Meeting with clients in conference to provide advice;
*Providing written advice, both in relation to ongoing cases and those which have already concluded (where a client seeks advice in relation to an appeal);
*Attending the Magistrates' Court to represent individuals at any stage of their case;
*Attending the Crown Court to represent clients who wish to appeal against their conviction from the Magistrates' Court;
*Attending the Crown Court to represent individuals at any stage of their case.

Charlotte accepts direct access instructions across the full spectrum of criminal offences. She has a particular expertise in road traffic offences and frequently represents individuals charged with drug or alcohol related driving offences, failing to furnish driver details and those seeking to retain their driving licences by advancing exceptional hardship arguments.

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