Road traffic specialist / crime- 16 years a practicing Barrister.

Road traffic-
Using a mobile phone whilst driving
Totting (accruing 12 or more points in a three year period)
Drug/Drink Driving
Careless driving
Dangerous Driving
No Insurance/Allowing a person to drive without insurance
Failing to provide driver information (S172 offence)
Failing to Stop/report
No Licence
Reinstatement of licence after disqualification
Appeals against sentence and conviction.

If you have been charged or summonsed for any of the above then contact me. Sooner is better- but even if you are in court very soon then contact me for an initial free consultation. I will endeavour to answer your reply within 24 hours.

Even if you may think you are going to plead guilty you may have a Defence or possibly a ‘special reason’ not to be disqualified.
Equally you may have an exceptional hardship argument, which for example, if you were a totter (getting 12 points or more) - we may argue this so as to persuade the court to impose points but not disqualify you.

My experience and expertise comes from prosecuting and defending a wide variety of cases in the Magistrates and Crown Court. Too many to mention here but cases I have undertaken range from gun crimes, proceeds of crime, fraud, indecent images, sexual offences, fitness to plead, aggravated burglaries, knife crimes, assaults, and drugs offences to public order offences, domestic violence, stalking, harassment and of course ROAD TRAFFIC OFFENCES.

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