Despite 80+% magistrates court conviction rates, many people charged with crimes, motoring offences and regulatory breaches try to defend themselves.

By not understanding how the Criminal Justice system really works, many self-represented defendants are in danger of over-looking pathways to success, taking time off work to prepare when they should be earning, feeling anxiety about embarrassing themselves, and their cases failing to live up to their true potential.

Because of this, most unrepresented defendants throw their time, emotional energy and money down the drain and end up with:

• Guilty verdicts, when they could have been completely exonerated
• Harsh sentences, when they could have received credit and presented effective mitigation
• Spoiled futures, when they should be getting their lives back

That's not justice.

I am a Criminal, Motoring & Regulatory law Barrister and use a proven framework to redress the balance and guide you around the pitfalls to your best defence and peace of mind.

By following an easy three-step plan, you’ll leverage the power of your case, get results, save money and reclaim your life with:

• Clear advice
• An optimised strategy
• Fixed fees


Step One – Schedule a call
Step Two – Optimise a strategy
Step Three – Achieve results


"Kristin put together a watertight case which demonstrated on multiple fronts that there was no case to answer. Throughout the process she was fearless, incisive and a truly inspiring guiding light".

Cllr B Locker, Colchester Borough Council

"Kristin was great today and got the case thrown out. She is a very hard-working Barrister and she put in a ton of work in getting the case together”.

Mr J Cockett

"Kristin was recommended to me and provided exceptional support during a motoring offence case. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others".

Mr G Hill

LL.B. (School of Oriental & African Studies)
LL.M. (London School of Economics)

Gray's Inn
South Eastern Circuit
Criminal Bar Association

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