Jas can accept instructions directly from the public (individuals or businesses) for legal advice, representation in Court and, where appropriate, the conduct of litigation. Before being called to the Bar in 2014, Jas was a Solicitor Advocate with over 10 years’ litigation experience at several top-flight law firms. He joined 7BR Chambers following almost 8 years as a senior litigation lawyer and in-house counsel at the Financial Conduct Authority.

Jas has expertise in the following areas of law:

1 > Financial Services Enforcement - for individuals, firms or lawyers defending investigations/claims brought by the FCA and others.

2 > Commercial/Business Disputes - where disputes have arisen between businesses, be they sole traders or large organisations.

3 > Crime & Financial Crime - e.g. defending/pursuing civil or criminal fraud.

4 > Public Law - bringing or defending claims against public bodies.

He also has experience of:

5 > Settlement Negotiations - representing clients' best interests and helping them reach a settlement out of Court if possible.

6 > Alternative Dispute Resolution - including pursuing/defending claims through Arbitration rather than Court if necessary.

7 > Representing Clients In Mediation - helping clients put their views across to opponents and mediators to help achieve settlement.

If you would like to make an enquiry, please contact Jas using the form below and he or his clerks will aim to provide an initial response within 2-3 business days. If you do not receive a reply within this time, it is likely that Jas is unavailable/unable to assist. Please do continue to seek alternative representation throughout, if required urgently.

For more information, see:

Please note that Jas does NOT have specialist expertise in Landlord/Tenant, Consumer Rights, Immigration or Tax Law. For these areas you are advised to seek out alternative Direct Access Counsel, Solicitors or Citizens' Advice / Law Centres. You also may not instruct Jas directly if you are in receipt of Legal Aid (in such cases you will need to instruct him via a Solicitor).

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