Alexander has twenty years experience with a common law practice specialising in family law.

He has extensive knowledge to deal with difficult public law and private law matters. His practice covers all venues of the family court and although predominately working in London, takes him to courts all over the country.

His relaxed and reassuring manner allow Alexander to quickly establish a good rapport with his clients who are rapidly reassured as to his ability to represent them from the outset.

What clients say

"I would not hesitate to use Mr Scott-Phillips again in the future or to recommend him to others. He handled this public law case with aplomb "

Sian Bannon - Milton Keynes Family Law Group.

"Dear Mr Phillips,

I would like to say a big thank you for representing me and doing such a splendid job. I appreciate the work you carried out helped me to stay on top of the case and kept me and my little boy safe"

Direct Public Access Client

"Alexander helped me to gain the outcome that I wanted in court regarding Child Contact Arrangements. I could not have done it without him. He helped me to mediate and offered me advice on what decisions were in the best of interest of my child and I. When representing me in court he got the point across very well and the judge accepted our proposals. I left court feeling relieved and felt the outcome was fair and in my favour. Huge success"

Direct Public Access Client

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