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Let me tell you something. I think very highly of the Direct Access Portal. I answer 99 per cent of enquiries here within a matter of *hours*. You see, I think you've just stumbled across one of the best kept legal secrets. Barristers keep it quiet because they don't want to annoy the solicitors they work with. But the fact is: Direct Access can be just the thing for clients, and can slash your legal fees significantly. Now wouldn't that be nice? If I'm too busy, usually due to high demand, I may know someone who can help (and yes, that includes some of the high quality solicitors I work with regularly). Come and join my network of loyal, satisfied clients.

My past cases have involved disputes with multinationals, representing professionals like doctors, teachers and solicitors, the wealthy and the less fortunate. I act in a wide range of commercial and civil cases before the High Court, Court of Appeal and Employment Tribunals. 
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