My practice covers a comprehensive spectrum of contentious and advisory work involving land in its broadest context both in the commercial and residential fields.
I am also a Civil & Commercial Mediator and provide this service in my core work set out below and outside those fields
This work divides up into broadly three distinct but sometimes overlapping areas:
1. Contentious real estate: disputes in or over land and its many attributes;
2.Public rights over land: this includes Rights of Common, Town and Village Greens, Highways and Wayleave and Telecomms rights and some planning work;
3.Succession and contentious probate, which has an element of some court of protection work

I am prepared to Travel for conferences, site visits and hearings. My chambers are in London. However, I live in London and Wales and I am able to deal with work in both England and Wales. I am familiar with the devolution settlement in Wales and the difference in Welsh and English Jurisdictions.
I speak Punjabi and Hindi/Urdu

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