I specialise in Crime and Road Traffic law. Unlike many of the other Counsel on this website  who may dabble or dip their toes on occasion into this area of the law I do road traffic work every day of the week seeing it as a separate regulatory area as opposed to a mere adjunct of criminal law.

Recent achievements include:
a) Winning the Acquisition International UK Motoring Barrister of the Year Award 2014 and Transportation Barrister Award 2015
b) Appearing on BBC Radio 4's Unreliable Evidence with Clive Anderson debating Traffic Law in June 2015 
c) Representing Ian Stephens, the first motorist to be summonsed for middle lane road hogging, in his on-going appeal to the Crown Court. 
d) Representing a client acquitted in a death by careless driving matter at Kingston Crown Court along with a lorry driving client acquitted of dangerous driving (racing another HGV in a "road battle" in Reading) at Reading Crown Court in 2017.

I am used by both members of the public and respected solicitors across the country. Whether you are a totter, speeder, drink driver, or HGV driver email me or ring me on 02030720055 or 07817772382 to see how I can help you protect your licence.  Email me at

I also undertake general criminal work and regulatory work in the magistrates' court and Crown Court. If you are facing a charge or prosecution (whatever the prosecution authority) contact me for an initial conversation and see how I can help you. Cases I can assist you with include domestic violence allegations, fraud, assault, or Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings. I also assist those facing VAT or tax prosecutions and prosecutions by Local Authorities.

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