Elayne is an experienced Barrister with strong legal skills, who returned to independent practice after over a decade in the CPS and RCPO government legal services.

With years of prosecution experience and of criminal defence practice as part of her portfolio, Elayne have covered a number of areas including fraud and border offences, legal advice, mutual legal assistance, extradition, criminal investigations and routes to evidential sufficiency, legal research, noting briefs, criminal litigation, large scale case management, trial preparation, appeals, assessments of evidential merit, advices on investigatory powers, manslaughter, rape, road traffic, robbery, obscene images, firearms, tax evasion and money laundering.

Elayne was a mature entrant to the Bar having previously been a Firefighter with the London Fire Brigade. Her life experience combined with her complex casework, advocacy and advisory skills mean that she is a critical thinker, methodical and thorough in her analysis and approach to each individual case and a resilient, resourceful, creative and probing advocate.

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