I have a general common law practice and have appeared in a wide variety of cases, courts and tribunals up and down the country, from regulatory tribunals held in offices and school rooms to both divisions of the Court of Appeal, stopping along the way at the Land Tribunal, numerous county courts and both the Queens' Bench and Chancery divisions of the High Court. I divide my practice into 'private client' and 'corporate'. Under the 'private client' heading, most of the work I do is in the law of landlord and tenant, Wills (testamentary disposition), insolvency, personal injury and consumer law. My corporate practice tends to focus on contractual issues - that is, simple advice or drafting documents, and sometimes representation if matters become contentious.

However, very few such categorisations are hard and fast. Quite often a corporate dispute will involve the private matter of a personal guarantee, for example. Sometimes, landlord and tenant cases involve elements of harassment, or what starts out as a disagreement between two firms over, say, building work done by one for the other turns into a quite different personal injury case.

My approach is to try to get under the skin of a case from the start, as I find this tends to prevent more damaging costs later on. I try where possible to work on a fixed fee basis, and upfront to give a candid appreciation of likely costs. This can be troubling information for any client, but it is important that nothing is held back so my clients can make informed, pragmatic decisions.

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