- Disputes with local authorities (social services) or hospitals about decisions relating to the care or treatment of vulnerable adults who cannot decide for themselves;

- Disputes between parents about contact with a child or living arrangements;

- Disputes between parents about other important decisions relating to the upbringing of a child;

- Disputes following the breakdown of a relationship of unmarried couples of how property should be divides.


I am a barrister specialising in family law, Court of Protection (health and welfare), and cohabitation disputes.

I have a keen interest in court of protection (health and welfare) work. I have been instructed in cases challenging decisions to deprive vulnerable people of their liberty, and best interest decision making. I can act for family members where they disagree with the local authority (social services), or hospitals about the living arrangements and/or treatment of vulnerable people who cannot make the decisions for themselves.

I have extensive experience in children cases acting for parents where they are in dispute with each other about contact, or other matters relating to the upbringing of a child. I can also act for parents where children are in the care of the local authority (social services) and they want to challenge decisions made by the local authority. I have experience acting at all interim stages, and at contested final hearings.

I have represent people with severe mental health difficulties, and have been described by solicitors as ‘going above and beyond what is expected of counsel’. That experience helps me to strive to understood the difficult predicament in which clients find themselves if they are using, or anticipating using, the family courts or the Court of Protection. I acknowledge that if clients are having to use my services, they are likely to be facing one of the most challenging periods in their lives; whether because a relationship has ended, or a loved family member is unwell. Likewise, the decisions that the courts will be asked to make are most profound as they affect not only my client, but the people they love most: their children or vulnerable family and friends. With that knowledge, I will do my utmost to ensure that this difficult and challenging process is made as manageable as possible.

I also accept instructions in cases where, at the end of a relationship, unmarried couples have disagreements about the ownership of the family home or other property. Prior to becoming a barrister, I had significant experience working in a firm of solicitors specialising in property disputes. That, coupled with my family practice, make me well placed to work in these cases.

I maintain a paper practice in all of these areas and I am happy to draft legal documents and give advice as needed, at short notice if necessary.


If appropriate, we will arrange a free 30 minute discussion about the nature of your potential case, following which we will seek to agree the best way to progress your case and how we will divide the work between us.

In complex cases and certain other situations, you may need to seek the help of a solicitor. If that is appropriate, I will help you to find an appropriate solicitor to join our team.

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