I am a specialist costs barrister and can assist with all situations where you are disputing your solicitor’s bill or fees or you feel that you have been overcharged by your lawyer. Please see my chambers' profile for details of my experience:

Challenging solicitor’s fees is a complex area of law and there are strict timescales. I can:

- Advise you on how to challenge fees
- Help you with the court procedure
- Assist with drafting court forms and pleadings (formal court documents)
- Give advice on the likely outcome of any challenge
- Advise you on what elements of your solicitor’s bill you can challenge

I have focused on this complex area of law since qualification and have over 18 years' experience of dealing with all types of costs claims.

I was called to the bar in 2002. Prior to independent practice I was an employed barrister and partner in a City of London firm of solicitors.

The majority of solicitor and client assessments (the process by which the court determines what costs you should pay) are dealt with at the Senior Courts Costs Office in London by Costs Judges. I regularly appear at these assessments but am also experienced in dealing with matters in the High Court and county courts.

I can discuss cases with clients over the phone or by skype. If convenient I can arrange a conference at my chambers (located in Lincoln's Inn, London).


I charge either on an hourly rate basis or by an agreed fixed fee, whichever suits the client.


My clerks can be contacted on 0207 242 2532


Challenging solicitors fees must be done as soon as possible after the bill is sent to you. I can usually arrange an initial discussion within 7 days of contact.

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