I have been practising the legal profession for 30 years. During my long service in the legal profession I have gained a wealth of knowledge and skills in the profession. I am also a Public / Direct Access Barrister. As a Public/ Direct Access Barrister I advise and represent clients without the need for solicitors and this will help you as my clients save very high costs on solicitors fees. In my practice I am the only person who will deal with your case and I will take full responsibility for the work I do for you. My professional fees are very fair and reasonable. Generally, my clients will pay only what is affordable to them

I have seen the worries of clients when they face legal problems and their main
anxieties and uncertainties about the outcome of their case, the amount of fees payable to lawyers, waste of time and the inconvenience they may have to undergo. My long experience in the profession has helped me to listen and understand my clients to provide them my service better.

My long experience in the legal profession has helped me to develop a loyal client base having represented them at all levels, mainly in criminal, immigration, family and civil matters. I have extensive experience in advising, defending and representing clients in all range of legal matters from minor traffic offences to serious fraud cases including domestic violence as I practised as a solicitor before I was called to the Bar as a Barrister.

I have also experience in advising and representing clients in immigration appeals cases and in civil matters in County Courts.

I will offer you a free telephone advice before I undertake any work and I do not charge for the first advice. I am also willing to travel to attend on and advise you at a mutually convenient time and place.
I am also a Mediator and an Arbitrator dealing in out of court Alternative Dispute Resolutions. With my experience as a Mediator it may also be possible in some cases to resolve your case out of court through Alternative Dispute Resolution and avoid the hassle of attending court and incurring high costs of legal expenses.
You are free to call me on 07875776160 to make any inquiry about my service and I will discuss with you all about my service.
I can also be contacted in any part of greater London.

My approach to service:
I am friendly, approachable and flexible and you can discuss your problems with me in strict confidence. My aim is to achieve the best result for you as my client within the circumstances of your case. I work very hard for my client and prepare my case thoroughly.   I am a good listener and I actively listen to my clients to first understand them well, their needs and the relevant legal problem. I am aware facing any legal problem can be a daunting experience for anyone. However, discussing the problems confidentially without hesitation when I actively listen will help to narrow down the issues and reduce the painful experience.
I treat all my clients with respect and as an equal human being. Before I do any work I reach an agreement with my clients about my fees. All my fees are fixed between the client and myself. I will not charge any fees from my clients before I reach an agreement with them. As my client you will not be taken by surprise to pay me any fees. I will always keep you fully informed of the strength and weakness of your case.
I am a Mediator and an Arbitrator interested in resolving legal disputes out of court, if at all possible, when both parties are willing to settle the dispute peacefully out of court. This can help you to avoid legal battles involving attendance in court and high costs of solicitors and barristers fees.

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