“An excellent lawyer, powerful advocate, skilful draftsman and feared opponent”

Marc Beaumont, a senior direct access barrister, is well known across the country as a pioneer – and in the view of many people, the pioneer – of the scheme known as Public Access.
Marc was the architect in 2000 of the original scheme of direct access to the Bar. Since 2004, he has become a recognised pioneer of and innovator in the field of direct access to the Bar and has built the leading on-line barrister direct access practice in England & Wales at:
Marc has been acting for businesses and individuals on a direct basis since the advent of the Public Access scheme in 2004. Despite his seniority, Marc’s fees are excellent value for money. If you would like a fast appraisal of the suitability of your case for direct access, Please Call: 01753 839321 or 07880 830890 or email with a (max) 500 word summary
If Marc accepts your case, he will act as your direct access barrister without the need for a solicitor, thereby saving you substantial sums in costs.
Despite those costs savings, you will have access to:
over 30 years of experience as a barrister
expert legal and tactical advice
expertise in court advocacy in the High Court (Chancery and Queen’s Bench Divisions) and County Court and other tribunals
expertise in appellate advocacy in the Court of Appeal, Civil Division
skilled drafting of court documents, such as Skeleton Arguments and pleadings (Particulars of Claim and Defences)
expert drafting of pre-trial correspondence, including letters before claim and pre-action protocol letters
a skilled negotiator
an experienced mediator and arbitrator
a barrister who will not waste your money
a barrister who cares
a barrister who will fight hard if necessary

Marc Beaumont has made Bar history in this field by:
moving a visionary Bar Council motion on direct access barristers in 2000, even before the OFT persuaded the Bar Council to adopt such a scheme for Barristers
lobbying successfully on the Bar Council for a scheme of direct access to the Bar in the face of firm opposition
conducting the first ever Public Access instruction at 9 am on the inaugural day of the scheme in 2004
conducting in 2005 the first ever Public Access case to reach the Court of Appeal.
being featured in the national press in 2006 as The Times, “Lawyer of the Week,” for having been the first barrister to conduct a case in the Court of Appeal with a client instructing the barrister under the Public Access scheme.
campaigning and lobbying for a rule change to permit a PA barrister to correspond for his or her client – a key reform that came into force in April 2010.
Marc acts on a Public Access basis in professional disciplinary, chancery/commercial, business, property and public/administrative/judicial review cases.

Most professional disciplinary work can be conducted on direct access, as can Mediations and Arbitrations.
Much of Marc’s direct access barrister work is conducted on a fixed fee basis. For someone of his seniority, this provides cost-effective legal services for those who do not wish to pay for more than one lawyer.

Marc has written and lectured extensively on direct access, most recently in the Solicitor’s Journal’s Bar focus for the 2014 Bar Conference, assessing the Bar’s direct access scheme at its 10th anniversary.

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