Antony is an experienced and highly-skilled mediator with a very varied range to his mediation practice.

He became accredited as a Civil and Commercial Mediator in 2008 and soon added Workplace Mediation and Community Mediation to his skillset. His complementary skills as a leading employment law specialist have led to him being instructed as a mediator in a very wide range of employment and workplace mediations as well as civil and commercial disputes of all types. In addition, Antony has also acquired very significant experience as a community mediator, which has provided him with very valuable skills in co-mediation and in applying different mediation models.

By way of example, he has conducted mediations in the following types of claim:

* Employment/workplace disputes including, bullying, discrimination and victimisation claims of all sorts, dismissals, whistleblowing claims, terms and conditions disputes and redundancies.

* Commercial contract claims varying between a few thousands of pounds up to a multi-million pound investment banking dispute

* Numerous restrictive covenants/confidential information disputes

* Partnership disputes

* Sports disputes

* Business tenancy disputes

* Education disputes, including mediations between schools and staff and between teachers and parents

* Neighbour disputes, including boundary disputes, nuisance and trespass claims and violent feuds between neighbours where the reference to mediation has emanated from the Police or a local authority

* Inter-generational disputes between family members, including disputed wills

Some of Antony’s mediated cases have involved very high profile individuals or issues in the public spotlight, that have required extremely sensitive and confidential handling.

Antony possesses all of the skills one would expect from an experienced mediation practitioner. He has a highly engaging manner, full of energy, enthusiasm and good humour, whilst remaining empathetic and sensitive. Most mediators like to describe themselves as impartial and neutral, but Antony considers such a stance to be too passive, preferring instead to be scrupulously ‘omni-partial’, with his sleeves rolled up, working equally hard in the best interests of every party. His considerable experience in community mediation, which follows a very different mediation model from commercial mediation, has allowed him to develop and fuse the skills he has acquired in each area giving him a more varied and flexible ‘toolbox’ than many other purely commercial mediators. His very high success rate is undoubtedly the result of his ability to be flexible in his style and approach and to find just the right tool for the job in hand.

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