Hello, I am a barrister practising in Surrey. My web site is
I act for individuals, companies, sole traders and partnerships. You can come to me direct without going to a solicitor. I can help to solve your problem and even represent you in court if it goes that far.
You can come to me for advice on most legal problems. If I can't help you I can suggest where you can look to find a solution to your problem. One advantage of using me is that I can handle the case if it goes to court/mediation/alternative dispute resolution. Usually I try to keep my clients out of court but if they are being sued then they need me.
I don't do work that a solicitor might do, e.g. wills and conveyancing, but call me for general legal problems that you might need a lawyer for. On a special note I cannot advise on personal injury matters. So if you are involved in an accident, sorry, I can't help.

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