John Hudson (2006)
(Family Finance)

Head of Quartz Barristers Chambers.

“Thank you, John, not just because you got me the result I wanted, but for how you did it. Clear advice, fairly priced, delivered frankly and with a compassion that helped hugely, in a difficult situation.” MJ

I feel passionate about easing the stressful situation clients find themselves in by giving the benefit of my experience to help clients sleep better at night. This is why I offer a FREE initial telephone case appraisal.

I have specialised in Matrimonial Finance and Divorce matters for 27 years. Clients come to me for help, particularly when there are complex issues such as a business, foreign property and pension issues arising from divorce.

Experience shows that whilst these situations are never easy, if you get the right expert working on your case from the start – a speedy resolution is achievable, cheaper and is more likely to get the result you want.

As a formidable advocate (twice recommended in the legal 500), I am a fighter for my client, eloquent in delivery and thorough in my preparation, but my years of experience also allow me the ability to see when taking a case in front of a Judge is the wrong decision and the right one should be to negotiate early in proceedings.

My approach

Clear advice – that is right for your unique situation, based on 27 years of expertise.

When it comes to the maze of legal proceedings within family finance situations – it is experience that makes the difference and I can guide you each step of the way.

Knowing what to do, when – and what not to do makes a big difference, not just between winning and losing but towards the financial costs and the “pain” difficult situations can cause.

Pricing is clear and confirmed in advance by my clerks and I will offer a 30-minute FREE initial telephone appraisal of your case.

My Work Areas of expertise

• Applications for financial remedies
• Business Accounts
• Director/ partnership liabilities
• Pension sharing
• Multiple properties
• Offshore bank accounts
• International cases
• Maintenance
• Pre-nuptial & separation agreements
• Farm assets
• Injunctions to prevent disposal of assets or setting aside transactions.
• Setting aside orders as a result of non-disclosure of assets

My recent work:

Substantial property and business assets both in the U.K. and held abroad by the other side. The matter proceeded to a final hearing, after my cross examination it was established to the court’s satisfaction that the other side did indeed have significant assets, case resolved at 2-day final hearing – Total fees £6500 +VAT.

Business Asset
The client’s only significant asset was a struggling business which employed over 20 people. The other side believed that the business was far more successful than it appeared from the accounts. The client instructed me to represent on a contested final hearing, a division of assets was made on the basis of my client’s evidence and the other side’s evidence was rejected - Total fees £3000 + VAT.

Substantial Pension Assets
The parties had been married a long time and the client sought equality of pension income upon retirement. I was instructed to advise in face to face conference, drafting questionnaire, representation at FDA and FDR hearing where client achieved her desired result – Total fees £5000 + VAT.

£2million pounds of assets
The parties had each spent the best part of £100,000 in legal costs prior to the issue of proceedings. The client had lost confidence in his solicitor and instructed me, proceedings were issued by the client and the matter was compromised at the FDR stage. The work involved consisted of representing the client at an FDA, an FDR hearing, advising in conference and drafting a questionnaire – Total fees £7000 + VAT.

About me

Whilst I have specialised in Family Finance Law for 27 Years, I began my career in commerce before becoming a solicitor and running my own niche matrimonial finance firm in Yorkshire for 13 years before becoming a barrister in 2006, I represent clients before Judges in all courts throughout England and Wales which gives me the advantage of seeing how different courts apply the law in financial family divorce cases.

Thanks to my experience of being a company director in a range of sectors, I also crucially understand the world of business. I apply a commercial attitude aided by my legal experience and up-to-date experience of different Judges’ views on the most recent law to try and resolve my client’s cases quickly and achieve the right outcome without spending huge fees on legal costs.

The benefit of that experience is that I am always able to see the right route with real clarity, which means that I will I always try my upmost to explain the realistic position a Judge may take further down the line get my clients the best possible outcome.

For many years I was a keen equestrian and kept livestock and so I understand rural businesses as well as those in towns and cities.

More often than not my clients comment on the sense of relief having me by their side and are not just satisfied with my results but how we interact and that is vital, especially when it comes to direct access as it’s important we can work as a team to achieve the best result.

My years of practice as a solicitor and now barrister allows me the ability to explain legal issues to my clients in a way that is understood by someone who is not legally trained and guide them through their role in providing me information on their case. Again, I consider this to be essential as armed with this knowledge we can both be on the same page when it comes to necessary and relevant work.

What my clients say:

“I was a litigant in person and booked John at short notice to assist with a family finance related matter. John was outstanding from the start.

He was patient in listening but also had the time to explain the detail. Nothing I asked was too much and I really couldn’t have asked for better representation.
In court John was polite professional and extremely measured. It appeared that the Judge sided with him from the start and the case resulted in our favour with costs”. LH

“Right from day one, I felt extremely at ease with John. His ability to identify all necessary information and apply legal principles to factual issues in a short span of time was outstanding. At the hearing, he spoke my mind, without me giving away much -he represented me with such dignity and intellect. Thanks to him and the much patience he has had with me, I achieved my outcome which I am so grateful for. Even my now ex-husband had a compliment for him”. KR

“I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic service received. John was extremely thorough in all his preparation and got me what I believe was the best I could have hoped for today. On top of that he’s a great chap who on a personal basis I not only trust but like. I would have no hesitation recommending him”. GS

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