I am an experienced family law barrister and mediator. Many
years of practice have confirmed to me that the legal process seldom offers the right solutions for family issues. As a mediator with a legal background I can work with you

Resolve disputes about
children, property and finance,
Improve communication,
Save money and
Avoid court.

Mediation offers more flexibility than the traditional legal approach. In appropriate circumstances wider family may be involved in the process and the ultimate resolution might be one that could not be achieved using the blunt instrument of the courts.

Whether you are married, unmarried or a relative of a person involved in
a dispute, whatever your situation, if you need advice or are considering
mediation please contact me. I work for private clients throughout the
northwest. If you would like to discuss your situation and decide whether
I can help you then please use the contact form, or alternatively telephone my
clerks to arrange a free initial consultation.

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