I specialize in resolving information and communications technology, entertainment and media and other disputes relating to intellectual property. The sort of matters that I have mediated in the past include a claim by a supplier of a turnkey computer system against its customer for its fee and the customer's counterclaim for damages for breach of contract, a branding dispute between two confectionery makers from the same location and a copyright claim by a photographer against a sport's governing body. I am a member of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) panel of neutrals and I sit on several other mediation panels.

As I have practised at the intellectual bar for many years I can often spot difficulties but also opportunities that may not occur to the parties or their legal representatives. Secondly, I can challenge unrealistic expectations that hold up settlement in caucus even when one of the parties is recalcitrant or where a party is over confident because he or she is represented by a large law firm and the other party is not.

I can handle any type of dispute from one involving large corporations and even sovereigns in different jurisdictions to matters arising out of the UK or other Intellectual Property Offices such as entitlement disputes, trade mark oppositions or invalidation proceedings or claims in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court small claims track or County Court.

I am happy travel to wherever the parties wish to meet or to resolve disputes over the telephone or voice over internet protocol services such as Skype and Google hangouts.

My fees are negotiated by my clerks but as a general rule I am willing to accept the WIPO scales of fees even for cases that are not managed by the WIPO.

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