Huw Shepheard undertakes commercial and contractual disputes and public law litigation, advisory work and drafting over a range of practice areas and business sectors. He is a team player who enjoys working with lay and professional clients to identify and resolve problems in a way that is best suited to the client's needs.
He is direct and decisive, a pragmatist in resolving disputes, prepares cases thoroughly and is an effective senior junior advocate.
Work undertaken:
Shareholders’ interests and disputes
Director’s rights and duties
Corporate governance
Development agreements and planning disputes
Local government law (but not social services)
Public law and judicial review
Financial services law and regulation both onshore and offshore
Cross-border transactions and disputes
Drafting agreements and primary, secondary and tertiary legislation relating to the above

Huw is an experienced advocate at all levels of court and tribunal. He is a leading Barrister, has presided over a public inquiry in Jersey and has worked overseas, including serving as the Attorney General of a British Overseas Territory.
With over nine years’ experience as in-house counsel in the finance industry, Huw knows the mechanics of business, commercial negotiations and contractual detail. Huw prefers to get involved at an early stage to ensure that any negotiation or dispute is managed to best advantage through the courts or if appropriate, mediation or ADR. He is bilingual in Welsh and English and has experience of conducting proceedings in Welsh.

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