Clive Freedman's practice as a barrister covers information technology, banking, building and engineering, and commercial fraud. He is particularly interested in cases involving IT (including internet and e-commerce), technical, scientific and accounting issues. He also deals with arbitration, expert determination, employment, insurance, oil and gas, professional negligence, sale of goods and international trade, and company law. He is a CEDR Accredited Mediator and a Chartered Arbitrator, and is named as a leading junior in Information Technology in Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners directories.

‘A well-respected authority on matters such as e-banking and e-commerce, and a noted figure when it comes to arbitration and expert determination. He is “a big name in IT law,” known for his thorough understanding of sophisticated technology.’: Chambers & Partners UK 2015

Clive qualified as a CEDR mediator in 1997, and has conducted around 30 mediations. He has also carried out two early neutral evaluations through CEDR.

Most of the mediations conducted by Clive have concerned IT disputes, although he also mediates in other commercial fields. Clive believes that his professional experience in dealing with IT cases and IT clients and his own experience of computers, networks and programming assists parties in the resolution of disputes in this area. He has given talks on mediation of IT disputes.

Examples of mediations:
a claim for £16 million against the supplier of an integrated accounting and stock control system for a nationwide retailer
a claim for £11 million relating to satellite TV technology
a cancelled project for design of an e-commerce website
a highly-charged dispute between two companies who had shared office premises and administrative staff but who had fallen out
a dispute relating to ownership of farmland
a dispute concerning alleged copying of software.

He is a Mediation panel member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration.

Personal style

Clive’s approach to mediation is flexible and he endeavours to adopt a style which best suits the individual mediation.

Feedback from clients in mediations include:

“Clive Freedman had a very difficult job and I was very impressed with the fact that he managed to hammer out a deal.”

“Clive was absolutely excellent.”

“Clive's intervention and ability did what was lacking on the last occasion....Clive's general approach was exactly the right one for this mediation and he got [the parties] to focus on the big picture. He also realised that spending more time with the other party would prove fruitful, as it did.”

“…thought he was very good and helped a lot in dampening down both sides' expectations.”

“Clive was very competent – and got a good handle on the issues very quickly.”

"Clive's pragmatic approach ensured a successful outcome to the mediation and we very much appreciate his hard work and dogged persistence."

"Clive's computer expertise well suited him to deal with this dispute, which concerned breach of confidentiality and breach of copyright in object code"


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