Harriet Gore was called to the bar of England and Wales on 14 March 1997 and has been continuously practising as a barrister in independent practice except during her maternity break. Harriet is the founder of the movement known as TOUCH LOVE WORLDWIDE and strongly believes that access to justice is as fundamental as food and must not be the preserve of a few. She advocates the study of ‘LOVE and law’ within the philosophy of ‘TOUCH LOVE’ at all levels of life. It is her view that the course ‘LOVE and law’ ought to be made fundamental worldwide in all tiers of education and taught at ante-natal clinics in order to prepare the minds of mothers in readiness to nurture their young with the deep understanding of LOVE. To this end, she advocates that the course ‘LOVE and law’ should be taught at nursery schools or from as early an age as possible to nurture and nourish young minds making LOVE their foundation. Her book - MANY LOVERS BOOK 4267-A PUBLICATION OF TOUCH LOVE WORLDWIDE- provides material for the worldwide teaching of the subject ‘LOVE and law’. The book is being installed in libraries worldwide.

In Harriet’s view, legal battle is a therapy which commences when LOVE is rejected. The fight that happens in court is a manifestation of the fight that happens in mind. To facilitate easier access to justice, Harriet accepts instructions directly from members of public under the ‘Public Access Scheme’ which puts the public in direct contact with barristers, thereby saving them costs of going through a solicitor for the purpose of instructing a barrister. For more information on Public Access scheme please click here. To enquire about instructing Harriet, please send her an e-mail.

Harriet’s areas of legal practice include Human rights law, Immigration law, Landlord and tenant law, Employment law, Administrative law (Judicial Review), Law of Contract and Land law.

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