My Background

For over 30 years I have practised law as a barrister, from 2011 as a QC. I have also been appointed as a Deputy High Court Judge in the County Court which allows me to sit as a Judge in family proceedings. For the most part of my career I have split my practice between criminal and family law.  I now focus almost exclusively in the area of family law.  I should say this does not include Matrimonial Finance.

My areas of expertise

Most of my cases involve applications for residence and contact, adoption issues, working with clients facing child welfare investigations from the Local Authority, Court of Protection and its connected elements and International Child Jurisdiction Law. I have a wealth of experience in these areas of law and I often provide lectures and seminars in family law to my fellow legal professionals.

It is also the case that clients will seek my assistance for matters concerning assault, traffic offences, drugs offences and robberies. There are huge benefits to instructing a QC not simply because of the level of experience but also the level of time and effort we commit to our cases.

My StrengthsI am extremely hard-working with my focus always being on the client’s needs. I am tenacious in my approach to get the right result for my clients but equally, I recognise when compromise and negotiation achieve more satisfactory outcomes. I am an effective communicator with a proven track record for negotiation. My instructing solicitors have commented on how quickly I grasp a case and on my general court presence. This, I believe, is partly to do with my role as a part-time High-Court family judge. Sitting as a Recorder has provided me with a sense of balance on how I approach family law cases. Winning can mean very different things but making a difference for my client is often what I aim to achieve.

My Approach

I don’t take myself too seriously in my professional or my personal life because I recognise the need to take advice from others as well as providing it. I am very proud to be a part of a successful barrister’s Chambers where we share information and support one another in our careers. I am always accessible to those who need my help. I‘ve been described by others in the legal sector as "a highly persuasive advocate” and "never failing to get the ear of the court”.

My Costs ​

My fee structure is straight forward and without hidden costs.  If I am instructed on a piece of advice it is usual I will charge a fixed fee. You will be informed of how much it will cost before I engage in the work. Equally, if I am to attend court on your behalf, I will scope the case and provide you with a global cost with a breakdown of the cost per day and the preparation costs. The clerking team will guide you through the process and assist you with the options you have available to you.

What my clients say

"I wanted to thank you so much as I didn't have the time to properly say it. I was very happy dealing with you. It was a pleasure to have you representing me. I think you are very professional and it reflects what is said in your profile that you can work with all kind of clients. You had the patience when dealing with me. It didn’t matter what I said or wanted, you were just very kind, very ethical, professional and calm you made it very easy for me to approach you and talk to you about anything. You knew the level of stress and worry I had. I really appreciate your effort, time, assistance whilst working on my case.”

"You were very reassuring from the beginning. It was a tricky case with no shortage of emotional involvement and I felt your knowledge of the law was evident throughout. Your court room presence was very impressive and to your credit, you obtained me the outcome I needed"

"Under pressure, you did not buckle. You are well deserved of your Silk status. You have a cool head and a great manner with clients."

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