Public access work is an important and significant area of my practice. My public access clients include companies, partnerships/LLPs, individuals, professionals and those acting in representative capacities such as directors or executors or designated members of an LLP.

Because I am a generalist I accept instructions in most areas save for personal injury and general family litigation (although I do high value matrimonial property work). Having a broad practice keeps me on my toes and ensures that I maintain a good sense of perspective of the law and justice. I believe that these are qualities of importance and are in clients' best interests, as much litigation requires crossover experience in different areas of law, and specialism in one field can lead to a loss of judgment because of tunnel vision. My approach involves listening, being very determined, having the ability to make things happen, being able to lead teams effectively, having common sense and a strong practical awareness, being able to sort good points from bad, – and finally, doing the hard yards required to achieve results. In my view it is always better to invest in getting your start right - and this includes your choice of adviser. It is infinitely preferable (and frequently cheaper) if I have a clear run at settling your initial strategy, and helping you implement it.

To illustrate the breadth of my practice and experience I have litigated in the following fields: commercial disputes (contracts, company, partnership and LLP, banking, telecommunications, financial services, domestic and cross-border fraud and associated conspiracies), property (leases, easements, and construction and land issues generally) wills and probate (Inheritance Act claims, administration and testamentary issues generally), tort (professional negligence, actions against the police, false imprisonment, harassment and assault), defamation and privacy, public law (judicial review, freedom of information, data protection), gaming and inquests.

Charging: Please note that I do not work on "no win no fee" terms. I do not believe in having a financial interest in the outcome of my clients’ litigation. Nor do I quote for work. This is because I am generally engaged in complex cases that are likely to involve unpredictable developments and difficult opposite parties. It is impossible to judge what is going to happen in these situations. It is fairer to me and my clients if my work is charged at an hourly rate. I keep daily six minute timesheets, and render very detailed fee notes, so my clients can see the work that has been carried out. Read more at (my personal site) or (my Chambers site).

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