Gwawr's exceptional attention to detail, her approachable manner with clients and her fearlessness in court have earned her a busy practice across a number of areas, including:

* human rights
* immigration & asylum
* criminal defence
* prison law
* judicial review

Her experience across a number of areas means that she is often able to look at a case from a number of different angles in order to appreciate the bigger picture, and makes her especially suitable for cases which extend across more than one area of law. Throughout all areas of her work, Gwawr retains a passionate dedication to promoting human rights and defending civil liberties, and prides herself on her clear and pragmatic advice, lucid presentation of complex or novel legal arguments, and thorough case preparation.

Gwawr offers a full range of legal services, from preliminary advice (in writing, in person or by telephone/Skype), through the drafting of legal documents, to advocacy at trial or on appeal.

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