Stuart was called to the bar in 2000 and practice
in the area of family law. He is frequently instructed by solicitors and direct
access clients to advise regarding financial disputes following the breakdown
of marriage / civil partnerships and the separation of cohabiting partners and
couples who have children. He also represents clients involved in disputes
relating to their children.

He can be instructed at any stage of proceedings;
it is never too late. When providing Divorce advice at an early stage, he is
able to assist in focusing consideration upon what evidence is required for
thorough preparation of the case and case tactical planning.  This is the best course of action as it often
either assists in reducing any delay or more often, assists to reach early
resolution of the dispute, thus saving money, time and anxiety.



Stuart is frequently instructed in financial
matters following the breakdown of marriage and civil partnerships, with
unusual features.  In the past those have included ‘Adult children’ under
a disability and ‘hidden asset’ cases where a thorough forensic analysis is
required.  He also has experience in complex matters involving foreign
asset disputes, third party claims and cases involving farming businesses and
other inherited wealth. The economic downturn has seen an increase in cases
involving s.37 protective injunctions, enforcement or variation of ancillary
relief orders. When a robust approach is required in these matters Stuart is
frequently instructed.

Cases involving the breakdown of relationship
between cohabitants or the recovery of monies otherwise invested in property
are often complex. Stuart ensures that he remains apprised of the developments
and clarifications under case-law, which now more than ever are subject to
regular change.

There are a plethora of forms of trusts, agreements
and evidence that exist in this field, all of which Stuart has a comprehensive
understanding of. In this respect he encourages the collation of all relevant
evidence at an early stage.  This ensures that cases within this minefield
of litigation do not become unnecessarily protracted and costly. Stuart has
both the expertise and experience of dealing with such claims, often involving
intervening claims as well as TOLATA claims as part of Ancillary Relief


Stuart is experienced in all aspects of Children
Act matters, (excluding Public Law proceedings). Cases involving claims
pursuant to Schedule I of the Children Act for financial provision are often
combined with TOLATA applications and Stuart has a working knowledge and
significant experience of such twin track cases. He is also highly experienced
in dealing with cases under the Hague Convention in addition to those applying
for removal from the jurisdiction. He has expertise in cases requiring
enforcement, including applications before the High Court, for sequestration of
assets following unlawful removal of a child from the jurisdiction.

Recent cases include:


 Court of appeal case Re A
(a child) (international travel)(2012) 22/6/2012

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LLB (Hons)


LLM (Dunelm)


Family Law Bar Association,
Western Circuit



J v J (2006) Adult child under a


V v V (2008) Distribution of
company assets


F v F (2007) Farming inherited

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