Tiffany is a specialist family law practitioner. Her main area of expertise is finances on divorce and cohabitee disputes. Tiffany is regularly instructed on behalf of husbands, wives and other parties, such as those seeking to intervene in or be joined to proceedings. She covers the spectrum from 'no-money' to 'big-money' cases and has a particular interest in cases involving business valuations and pension disputes.

Tiffany has many years experience in Children Act matters, including where children should live, the time they spend with each party, special guardianship disputes as well as taking children abroad permanently or temporarily and moving within England and Wales.

Tiffany is regarded as an experienced, tenacious advocate; known for her conscientious and diligent approach to each case as well as her ability to provide realistic advice, either in writing or in conference at Chambers or elsewhere. She combines expertise with an approachable manner and ability to empathise; she has an appreciation of the demands and concerns of clients and is sensitive to the particular stresses and anxieties of litigation and mediation.

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