Peter is a highly experienced advocate,

particularly in the fields of financial or ‘white collar’ crime, confiscation

and drug trafficking and especially such cases involving an international

dimension. He is also regularly instructed as leading counsel in cases of

Murder and serious violent and sexual offences.

He has extensive experience in the areas of Civil

and Asset Recovery, as well as in proceedings brought under the Companies and

Insolvency Acts relating to Directors’ liabilities and disqualification,

insolvency and fraudulent trading.

Having qualified as a Solicitor in 1984, he spent 6

years with Messrs. Hughmans in central London, where he reached Partner level.

He transferred to the Bar in 1991, continuing to

practice in central London, firstly at 4 Brick Court Chambers, and then from

1996 to 2011 at Carmelite Chambers (formerly 1 Crown Office Row, the Chambers

of Richard Ferguson Q.C.). He left London in 2011, establishing his own set at

Pangbourne Chambers in Berkshire. He joined Pump Court Chambers in January


He is a member of the Middle Temple, the Old Bailey

Bar Mess, the Criminal Bar Association, the South Eastern Circuit, and the

Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association. He is an approved Pupil Master, and

regularly lectures on Criminal Practice, Procedure and Advocacy. He was

recommended by Chambers & Partners as a Leading Individual at the Criminal

Bar in London in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Notable cases include:

·        Jeffries, Guildford, 2013 & 2014 - Led for the defence in

eight linked sets of proceedings of child abduction, grooming, rape and other

sexual offences. Case described by trial judge as the most distressing she had

encountered in 20 years on the circuit bench. (Click for press)


·        Edwards, Reading, 2013 - Appeared for Company Director

charged with substantial VAT evasion and forgery. Suspended sentence.


·        Fay, Winchester, 2013 - Acted for ex-U.S. Military

Pilot charged with obtaining pilot’s licences fraudulently, through use of

forged licences, references and other documents. As a result, client obtained

employment flying passenger jets in and out of U.K. High profile case, widely

reported. (Click for press)


·        Andrews, Southwark, 2013 - Acted as lead advocate for one

of principal defendants in £10 million banking fraud spanning 8 years and

involving multiple accounts set up in false identities through use of

fraudulently obtained birth certificates and passports. Substantial and complex

confiscation issues involving criminal property located in overseas

jurisdictions and/or held through use of offshore trusts. (Click for press)


·        Woolley, Guildford, 2012 - Represented Russian ‘Escort

Girl’ charged with murder of retired accountant. Client convicted of

manslaughter and sentenced to 3 years’ imprisonment.(Click for press)


·        Gordon, Winchester, 2012  - Represented company

director facing allegations of fraud and false accounting in relation to the

provision of logistics services to major US (Nasdaq quoted) telecommunications

company. Complexity of disclosure issues raised concerning company’s accounting

practices subsequent to its filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in US

resulted in prosecution eventually offering no evidence.


·        Sweetland, Winchester, 2012  - Acted for defendant in

connection with long running fraud involving the systematic importation of

motor vehicles stolen by organised crime groups in Italy, then provided with

new identities through use of forged documents and sold in UK market.


·        Clinton, Reading, 2011 - Client charged with murder in one

of first cases to involve the recent ‘loss of control’ provisions.

·        Bashir, Manchester, 2011 - Client, alleged 'hit-man',

acquitted of conspiracy to supply cocaine (Operation Zambesi) after 12 week

trial. Co-defendant sentenced to 21 years.


·        Dudhwala, Preston, 2011 - Acted for company director

charged with conspiracy to defraud through the online marketing and sale of

‘set top boxes’ programmed with illicit software designed to bypass Virgin

Media’s encryption technology safeguards.


·        Baigent, Southwark, 2010 - Acted for company director

convicted of role in £250 million ‘carousel’ fraud following 10–year

investigation by HMRC (Operation Euripus) which resulted in 42 arrests, over

100 premises being searched, and over half a million documents being seized.

Assets held off-shore; substantial confiscation proceedings. (Further



·        Surenthiran, Leeds, 2010 - Acted as lead counsel in

multi-handed conspiracy to fraudulently evade the payment of excise duty in

relation to diesel and gasoline. RCPO prosecution.


·        Life, Southwark, 2009 - Acted for company director of

dealerships in mobile phone products and services charged with fraudulent

trading in connection with the selling of mobile phone contracts, following 3

year investigation by the SFO. Substantial losses to numerous creditors. No

evidence eventually offered against client following negotiation of witness

assistance agreement.


·        Appleby-Walker, Birmingham, 2008 - Represented company accountant

charged in connection with conspiracy to defraud IKEA and linked corrupt practices

including the bribery of IKEA employees in order to ensure the by-passing of

internal IKEA supplier controls as well as the falsification of invoice

records. Well in excess of 100,000 pages of evidential material. Case

prosecuted by the SFO. Client acquitted.


·        Massar, Kingston, 2006 -  £100 million money

laundering conspiracy involving the banking of cash in accounts operated by

off-shore trusts. Trial took 9 months. Client acquitted following application

to stay proceedings due to disclosure failures on the part of HMRC. Acquittals

led to well-known civil recovery case of ARA v. Green & Ors. a leading

authority on the scope and application of Part 5 of POCA.


·        Lang, Winchester, 2005 - Leading Counsel for the

defence of Guildford Police officer charged with on-duty rape of crime victim

(Winchester 2005). Client acquitted after re-trial. (click here for press)


·        Millman, CCC, 2003 - Acted for principal defendant in the

"Dome Robbery’ case until his death shortly before trial.

·        Van Hoogstraten, CCC, 2002 - Appeared as Junior Counsel for the

well-known property magnate at his trial on charges of murder and conspiracy to

murder. (click for press)




·        Scholarship Diploma in Fine Art, The New Academy

for Art Studies, London, 1983

·        B.A. (Honours) in Law, University of Durham, 1982.

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