Alexander is a specialist in disputes concerning wills and inheritance. He was named 'Contentious Barrister of the Year 2015' by the Association of Contentious Trusts and Probate Specialists, and is one of the top names in this field.
As such, he can offer expert advice and representation in court on any sort of dispute concerning the estate of a deceased person. He can help you bring or defend claims against estates, whether by challenging the validity of the will, or claiming financial provision out of deceased persons's estate, or just to ensure that an estate is properly managed and distributed after someone's death. He can also advise on the meaning of a will, or advise on getting a will rectified to correctly reflect the deceased person's intentions.
He can also help claim against professionals who have made mistakes in preparing a will, or in dealing with an estate.

Alexander is also experienced in:
Court of Protection practice and mental health issues relating to property and affairs
Property (land) including boundary disputes, adverse possession, rights of way and mortgages
Ecclesiastical law

A recent review from a direct access client:
"As a reasonably well informed person on legal matters (a former banker/forensic accountant!!) I knew I needed help as a prospective Litigant in Person, in respect of an action I needed to bring in the High Court relating to an outstanding unpaid and unrecognised inheritance. Initially having instructed solicitors, I promptly deduced that direct access to a barrister was likely to be a much better prospect for me. Luckily I found Alex Learmonth and he has been first class. My action has now been favourably concluded to my full satisfaction just prior to the trial date. Alex was always available and smoothed out the significant gaps in my legal knowledge. His presence and activity in negotiating the final agreed conclusion to my claim has been invaluable. If you have reasonable legal knowledge it can be a sensible route to take this direct access route. It cuts down time spent in getting answers to complicated legal matters and in my case certainly kept the costs at a sensible level. Alex has my unreserved recommendation."

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